Who we are

Warhorse Lacrosse Club is a Philadelphia, PA based lacrosse program that offers premier and developmental levels of gameplay for families in the Philadelphia area and the surrounding region at an accessible price.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to develop, improve and showcase their skill. We empower our athletes to showcase a hybrid brand of lacrosse that incorporate athletics, skill, and IQ at top tier regional and national events.


Education & Training

We work to monitor, support and advocate services to ensure every Warhorse L.C. participant is meeting their educational goals at their current school.

We collaborate with various and notable athletic trainers to ensure all War Horse L.C. participants are pushing their bodies, minds, and abilities to the limit, making the transition to greatness seamless. Warhorse Lacrosse trainers conduct an initial assessment on each participant and provide individual plans for the participant for continuous athletic maturation.